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Omega Life Science's aerosolization technology enabled the development of a proprietary inhaler platform (AlphazerTM) for producing aerosol with parameters leading to improved patient experience and enhanced therapeutic effect.

The Alphazer™ is an inhaler platform that is positioned to replace the conventional way by which inhalable therapeutics and vaccinations are packaged, administered and marketed. It challenges the common modalities of DPIs, pMDIs and Nebulizers.

The inhaler is a handheld device that is distributed with proprietary disposable drug cartridges.

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 Major characteristics of the inhaler:

  • Battery or manually operated
  • Fully portable (in and out-of-home)
  • Wet aerosol with high level of effective particles (FPF)
  • Stable ‘soft mist’ flow
  • Does not require breath synchronization
  • Not position sensitive
  • Treatment modality (i.e., for local lung applications) Controllers/relievers
  • Single puff or continuous delivery
  • Minimal maintenance 
  • Optional: sensing, feedback, data logging, connectivity
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